Moringa: más que un árbol

Hoy tenemos el gusto de presentar este breve artículo realizado por D. Guillermo López Rozada para “more than public health” sobre la Moringa. Coincidimos con él en Etiopía, allí compartió con nosotros todo su conocimiento sobre este árbol tan excepcional como desconocido para nosotros.
En ese momento, Guillermo con experiencia en el campo de las plantas medicinales y de la cooperación, ya llevaba tiempo dedicándose al estudio… Read more of this post


Comparative approach between two major global health challenges

Developed in 1990 by UNICEF as part of the Nutrition Strategy, has been used several times to plan different grades of Nutrition interventions around the world.

The first time I looked at it, so many things came into my mind. You can read it in two minutes, even less. But it will take time to comprehend it… Not only this, does it remind you something else apart from malnutrition? Let`s look further… I propose you one activity:

  1. Click into the chart to watch it clearly
  2. Read it carefully, from the bottom
  3. Spend 30 seconds in each chart and  1 minute in each arrow. Think about it…
  4. Change the chart sign of “Malnutrition and Death” and write “Obesity & Diabetes” instead.
  5. Re-read it again… it has sense, isn`t it?
What is happening? Are we crazy? No, it is life… the worst is that the poorest countries are the ones who are facing these two global health challenges. At the same time that they are fighting against malnutrition, obesity is appearing laughing at them. Why? Because the causes are still  there and they are the same; we are not working effectively on the causes behind. Most of the funds have been invested on treating diseases without a parallel program working on the roots. And the same is happening with obesity and diabetes worldwide.
We have the tools and the lessons learned from mistakes… why are we acting so slowly? Actions must be taken and all we have to collaborate. As a multiethiological challenge, a multiapproach must to be taken into account:
  • Community. Including media (tv, internet…)
  • Patients and caregivers
  • Health worker`s
  • Food related worker`s
  • Educators & trainners
  • Community Associations, NGO, Cientific Institutions, Universities…
  • Politicians
  • Economists and Markets

All we have a role to develop and toguether we can do something else.

Because all we have the Human Right of health and well-being (page 76).

Thank you! Amashaganaleu! Grazie! Merci! Muchas gracias a todos…

One year ago somebody gave me this blog as a gift… something was starting at that time,  @nigsp did not know exactly what. After one year of running, we still don`t know where we will arrive, but it doesn`t matter. We know that this new tool is providing us a different way to divulgate point of views, opinions and references about Nutrition and Global Health.

I wish nigsp could keep on going and improve day by day… but this is imposible to do it with out you. I need to know what you really expect from @nigsp and how we can collaborate to empower eachother. Toguether we could find out the way to improve and be more useful; so I want to share with you this report that WordPress offers to its users. Just click the link below:

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@nigsp needs you all and wants to thank you this 1st year of more than public health

Remarking the importance of nutrition for all… even for our “advanced” societies

We are not inmunized against non-communicable diseases as cancer, diabetes or other cardiovascular disease… neither in USA, Europe, China or India; but we can control them with our daily feeding habits.

Last week I posted about how the UN included in the agenda of the General Assembly this issue. Now, let´s remind it with the point of view of Olivier de Schutter, the United Nations Rapporteur on the Right to Food.

Not only this, Jean Ziegler, the last Rapporteur from UN, is still going on with this. Read “The Fight for the Right to Food”… is it not a right? me, I enjoy with this  right everyday, am I lucky? should not all enjoy this right? The Right to Food, a whole life fighting for this.


Reading about it: global food system and the madness of the market

In 2008, Raj Patel, offered us a global point of view about the food world system and its consecuences over the society… from the Indina farmers to the Brasilians through the fertilizers and the big food companies.

In 2011, Tristram Stuart, through WASTE. Against wthe wasting system integrated in our global management of the food.

Let`s having lunch at the supermarket door? or… let`s produce only what we really need?

Prevention and control: the point… once again.

It is the second time that a health issue is included in the agenda of the General Assembly of the United Nations. They have remarked that action must be taken to prevent and control chronic diseases as cancer, diabetes or any other cardiovascular deeases. They, those noncomunicable diseases, kill 9 million people under 60… It is known what we can do, now it is the time to take action. Preventing and controlling… promoting good habits, the difficult issue of changing minds… it is not easy at all.

It is not fair to compare it but… only to have a reference about the big numbers: 8,1 million children under five died every year (2009).

It is crazy how both situations are running in paralel, but it is how it is! it is the time to know about the contrast and to be able to consider both public health problems. Isn´t it?

For Spanish readers: it strange me how a newspaper points out that the cancer kill more people than malaria, HIV an tuberculosis toguether… but I think they haven´t noticed about the age of dying because of those causes. It is not the same to die at the age of 4 because you do not have the nutrients that you need or to die at the age of 60 because your cells are multiplying without any control…

Both things are important, it is not fair to compare them, but we can neither forget that they are running at the same time in the same place.

At Tiffany`s or at school… but having breakfast!

Educating and feeding: two actions that multiply both effects. No doubt.

At least, let`s start the day with the nutrients that the muscles and the brain need to wake up and take advantage of learning at school.

Why not to introduce both actions in the National Policies? to be sure that our chidhood, and future adulthood, are developing theirselves and their societies?

In Egypt, there is a School Feeding Program running with the Egyptian Food Safety Information Canter (EFSIC). A Spanish responsible company called Ainia is supporting them. That reminds me the other post that was about M. Yunus...

It is not the only program and this is not new… but why, if we really care about it, our children do not have a complete and nutritive breakfast in the morning? even in our called “developed country”.

It is needed to take action to develope our future capacitites of thinking. Some countries may need to provide their schools directly with food supplies plus education; others may just need to inform correctly at the caregivers level about the importance of having breakfast at home.

when there is no choice


by Ferdinand Dimadura

(suggested by Dr. M. Cepeda)

a question of calories

Meanwhile thousand people are dying due to malnutrition because they cannot find enough calories per day and person to survive, which it is even hard to believe this is happening nowadays…

Another thousand people do not know how to control the food they eat everyday…. the enviroment, the education, the genes and the policies! As a public health major problem, we need once again, the commitment of the  governments… but probably they will come too late.

As it happens in Somalia, but worse, global policies to fight against the health, are coming late. Governments prefer to think on their investments, profits and benefits… the day they will start thinking on having an educated and healthy community, may be this day, things could start changing…

This four-part series from The Lancet explain all the complex device of the obesity, but at least we have the key of the calories… now action is needed.

it is not right

“There is not right” and “yes, we can”. The only thing that we need to get something it is to really want it.

What has happened in the mind of this little boy called Andrew Adansi-Bonnah from Ghana? and What have not happened in the mind of others? what does it lack? Empathy? Thinking on the others? Simply… acting!

Andrew has been invited to the African Union pledging conference for the Horn of Africa which is being conducting today in Addis Ababa. Let us see…

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